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1: At the Airport 1/20
Did you pack these bags yourself? ( to f )

2: At the Airport 2/20
Did you pack these bags yourself? ( to m )

3: At the Airport 3/20
Do not leave items unattended.

4: At the Airport 4/20
Would you like a window or an aisle seat? ( to f )

5: At the Airport 5/20
Would you like a window or an aisle seat? ( to m )

6: At the Airport 6/20
Smoking or non-smoking?

7: At the Airport 7/20
Passport and plane ticket, please.

8: At the Airport 8/20
What time does the plane leave?

9: At the Airport 9/20
What time do we arrive?

10: At the Airport 10/20
What gate does flight 001 leave from?

11: At the Airport 11/20
Where are the duty-free shops?

12: At the Airport 12/20
Do you have anything to declare? ( to f )

13: At the Airport 13/20
Do you have anything to declare? ( to m )

14: At the Airport 14/20
Please open the bag. ( to f )

15: At the Airport 15/20
Please open the bag. ( to m )

16: At the Airport 16/20
It is a gift.

17: At the Airport 17/20
Where do I get a luggage cart?

18: At the Airport 18/20
Where can I rent a car?

19: At the Airport 19/20
Where can I rent a cell phone?

20: At the Airport 20/20
Is there a cafeteria or a restaurant here?

21: Banking and Finance 1/22
What is the dollar exchange rate?

22: Banking and Finance 2/22
Which pays more - to convert travelers checks or cash?

23: Banking and Finance 3/22
I want to convert traveler's checks to cash. ( f )

24: Banking and Finance 4/22
I want to convert traveler's checks to cash. ( m )

25: Banking and Finance 5/22
Where is the nearest ATM (cash machine)?

26: Banking and Finance 6/22
The ATM (cash machine) has swallowed my card.

27: Banking and Finance 7/22
Passport or identification card, please.

28: Banking and Finance 8/22
Please sign here.

29: Banking and Finance 9/22
I want to get cash via my credit card. ( f )

30: Banking and Finance 10/22
I want to get cash via my credit card. ( m )

31: Banking and Finance 11/22
How much interest will i get from my savings plans?

32: Banking and Finance 12/22
How much interest do you take for a 5 year loan?

33: Banking and Finance 13/22
Can I get from you a thirty year mortgage?

34: Banking and Finance 14/22
What interest rate do government bonds give?

35: Banking and Finance 15/22
What are the monthly fees for managing my current (bank) account?

36: Banking and Finance 16/22
At all post offices you can wire money to Israel or outside of the country.

37: Banking and Finance 17/22
I want to wire money to Israel. ( f )

38: Banking and Finance 18/22
When is the bank open?

39: Banking and Finance 19/22
Where is the foreign currency department?

40: Banking and Finance 20/22
I lost my credit card.

41: Banking and Finance 21/22
I want to open a bank account, please. ( f )

42: Banking and Finance 22/22
I want to open a bank account, please. ( m )

43: Best Wishes 1/34

44: Best Wishes 2/34
Best Wishes!

45: Best Wishes 3/34
In a favorable hour! - at an auspicious time (congratulations to an expectent mother)

46: Best Wishes 4/34

47: Best Wishes 5/34
To life!

48: Best Wishes 6/34
To a good life and peace!

49: Best Wishes 7/34
Happy Birthday!

50: Best Wishes 8/34
May you have happiness and richness till 120.

51: Best Wishes 9/34
Congratulations on the birth of the boy.

52: Best Wishes 10/34
Congratulations on the birth of the girl.

53: Best Wishes 11/34
May you live to see him learn Torah, be married and perform good deeds.

54: Best Wishes 12/34
This young man is destined for great things.

55: Best Wishes 13/34
May you live to see her learn Torah, be married and perform good deeds.

56: Best Wishes 14/34
May you enjoy him/her very much!

57: Best Wishes 15/34
Congratulations on the Bar Mitzvah.

58: Best Wishes 16/34
Congratulations on the Bat Mitzvah.

59: Best Wishes 17/34
May you merit to build a faithful home in Israel.

60: Best Wishes 18/34
Good luck on your new job.

61: Best Wishes 19/34
Have an easy army draft and a pleasant service.

62: Best Wishes 20/34
Be strong and courageous. ( m )

63: Best Wishes 21/34
Be strong and courageous. ( f )

64: Best Wishes 22/34
Watch over yourself. ( to m )

65: Best Wishes 23/34
Watch over yourself. ( to f )

66: Best Wishes 24/34
Leave in peace and come back in peace. ( to m )

67: Best Wishes 25/34
Leave in peace and come back in peace. ( to m )

68: Best Wishes 26/34
Have a good trip.

69: Best Wishes 27/34
Bon voyage!

70: Best Wishes 28/34
Have a complete recovery! (get well)

71: Best Wishes 29/34
Have a quick recovery! (get well).

72: Best Wishes 30/34
Be healthy! ( to f )

73: Best Wishes 31/34
Be healthy! ( to m )

74: Best Wishes 32/34
May G-d comfort you among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

75: Best Wishes 33/34
May you know no further sorrow.

76: Best Wishes 34/34
May you be comforted from heaven.

77: Buses, Trains and Taxis 1/20
How much does a bus ticket to Jerusalem cost?

78: Buses, Trains and Taxis 2/20
What time is the next bus to Tel-Aviv?

79: Buses, Trains and Taxis 3/20
Please give me a bus schedule for buses to Haifa.

80: Buses, Trains and Taxis 4/20
From which platform does the bus leave for Be'er-Sheva?

81: Buses, Trains and Taxis 5/20
I would like to buy a bus pass, please. ( f )

82: Buses, Trains and Taxis 6/20
I would like to buy a monthly bus pass, please. ( m )

83: Buses, Trains and Taxis 7/20
Which bus line goes to the central bus station?

84: Buses, Trains and Taxis 8/20
Is this seat available?

85: Buses, Trains and Taxis 9/20
Can I connect to the Internet on the train?

86: Buses, Trains and Taxis 10/20
Every Sunday morning the train is filled with soldiers.

87: Buses, Trains and Taxis 11/20
Where is the dining car?

88: Buses, Trains and Taxis 12/20
Please turn on the taxi meter.

89: Buses, Trains and Taxis 13/20
How much does it cost to get to the Plaza Hotel?

90: Buses, Trains and Taxis 14/20
Please take me to the Old City.

91: Buses, Trains and Taxis 15/20
Please don't smoke.

92: Buses, Trains and Taxis 16/20
Please turn on the air conditioner.

93: Buses, Trains and Taxis 17/20
Please turn on the heater.

94: Buses, Trains and Taxis 18/20
Please lower the radio volume.

95: Buses, Trains and Taxis 19/20
Please raise the radio volume.

96: Buses, Trains and Taxis 20/20
May I please have a receipt?

97: Business Meeting 1/29
What time does the meeting start?

98: Business Meeting 2/29
Who is responsible for the refreshments?

99: Business Meeting 3/29
What is today's agenda?

100: Business Meeting 4/29
Let's go over the report from the last meeting.

101: Business Meeting 5/29
What are our goals?

102: Business Meeting 6/29
Our sales team had a great year.

103: Business Meeting 7/29
Our revenues grew during the last quarter.

104: Business Meeting 8/29
Profits are growing.

105: Business Meeting 9/29
How can we improve our sales?

106: Business Meeting 10/29
Our customers want better products.

107: Business Meeting 11/29
We are going to merge the two departments.

108: Business Meeting 12/29
How is the project advancing?

109: Business Meeting 13/29
Here are some new marketing ideas.

110: Business Meeting 14/29
We need to vote on the proposal.

111: Business Meeting 15/29
All in favor of the proposal raise their hand.

112: Business Meeting 16/29
This decision will influence the future of our company.

113: Business Meeting 17/29
Let me summarize the main points.

114: Business Meeting 18/29
We need to cut costs.

115: Business Meeting 19/29
We need a competitive advantage.

116: Business Meeting 20/29
What are the results of the marketing survey?

117: Business Meeting 21/29
What is the size of the market?

118: Business Meeting 22/29
The negotiations are moving ahead slowly.

119: Business Meeting 23/29
We need to build brand loyalty.

120: Business Meeting 24/29
What is the advertising budget?

121: Business Meeting 25/29
Market research shows that we should focus more on high school students.

122: Business Meeting 26/29
We will raise money via the stock market.

123: Business Meeting 27/29
Any questions?

124: Business Meeting 28/29
Thank you all for attending.

125: Business Meeting 29/29
The meeting is over.

126: Computers and Internet 1/23
I surf the Internet using a wireless router.

127: Computers and Internet 2/23
I have an exteral hard disk of 500 gigabytes.

128: Computers and Internet 3/23
What is the address of the website to learn Hebrew?

129: Computers and Internet 4/23
I connected with friends from the past with the help of the social network Facebook.

130: Computers and Internet 5/23
I forgot my password.

131: Computers and Internet 6/23
Which Internet service provider is the best?

132: Computers and Internet 7/23
I have a first degree in computer science.

133: Computers and Internet 8/23
We are learning computer programming in school.

134: Computers and Internet 9/23
How much does a high quality scanner cost?

135: Computers and Internet 10/23
I found a store that sells ink for my printer at a good price.

136: Computers and Internet 11/23
My computer monitor is very thin.

137: Computers and Internet 12/23
I created the report using a word processing program.

138: Computers and Internet 13/23
The computers in the office are connected to each other via a network.

139: Computers and Internet 14/23
I get over 100 electronic mail messages a day.

140: Computers and Internet 15/23
I joined a virtual classroom on the Internet.

141: Computers and Internet 16/23
I play Scrabble online.

142: Computers and Internet 17/23
I use two fingers to type. ( m )

143: Computers and Internet 18/23
I use an electronic spreadsheet to track my monthly expenses. ( f )

144: Computers and Internet 19/23
It is highly recommended that you backup all your important documents at least once a week.

145: Computers and Internet 20/23
I made a copy of the file that contains all the electronic mail (email) addresses of my friends.

146: Computers and Internet 21/23
I upgraded my anti-virus program.

147: Computers and Internet 22/23
Before my lecture I prepared a presentation with 20 slides.

148: Computers and Internet 23/23
The Hebrew name for the Internet is 'Mirshetet'. (most people use Internet)

149: Days and Time 1/24
What time is it?

150: Days and Time 2/24
The time is 2:30.

151: Days and Time 3/24
There is news on the radio every half hour.

152: Days and Time 4/24
The movie starts in ten minutes.

153: Days and Time 5/24
I warmed up the roll in the microwave for 30 seconds.

154: Days and Time 6/24
The first bus in the morning leaves at 6:15.

155: Days and Time 7/24
Last night I came home very late.

156: Days and Time 8/24
Today was the tomorrow of yesterday.

157: Days and Time 9/24
The Israeli work week starts on Sunday.

158: Days and Time 10/24
The bank is open on Monday until 7:00 in the evening.

159: Days and Time 11/24
Our supermarket has a sale on fruit and vegetables every Tuesday.

160: Days and Time 12/24
The play will take place on Wednesday at three in the afternoon.

161: Days and Time 13/24
Thursday night the stores are open till a late hour.

162: Days and Time 14/24
On Friday I buy Chalot for Shabbat.

163: Days and Time 15/24
I do not work on Shabbat. ( m )

164: Days and Time 16/24
I do not work on Shabbat. ( f )

165: Days and Time 17/24
There is mail delivery every weekday.

166: Days and Time 18/24
I went to my friends for the weekend.

167: Days and Time 19/24
Independents pay taxes every fifteenth of the month.

168: Days and Time 20/24
The telephone bill comes once every two months, and that is why it is called bi-monthly.

169: Days and Time 21/24
We pay the city tax every quarter (of the year).

170: Days and Time 22/24
Every half a year I take a haircut. ( f )

171: Days and Time 23/24
Every half a year I take a haircut. ( m )

172: Days and Time 24/24
Every year I have a birthday.

173: Emotions 1/27
I love you. ( m to f )

174: Emotions 2/27
I love you. ( m to m )

175: Emotions 3/27
I love you. ( f to m )

176: Emotions 4/27
I love you. ( f to f )

177: Emotions 5/27
I am happy to see you. ( m to m )

178: Emotions 6/27
I am happy to see you. ( f to f )

179: Emotions 7/27
I missed you. ( to f )

180: Emotions 8/27
I missed you. ( to m )

181: Emotions 9/27
The horror movie frightened me.

182: Emotions 10/27
I am sad because my best friend moved away. ( f )

183: Emotions 11/27
I get nervous before taking tests. ( m )

184: Emotions 12/27
I have nothing to do and I am bored. ( m )

185: Emotions 13/27
I was surprised when I got such a big tax refund.

186: Emotions 14/27
I am worried about global warming. ( f )

187: Emotions 15/27
I was impressed with the program's performance.

188: Emotions 16/27
I was excited about the upcoming trip.

189: Emotions 17/27
I am afraid of heights. ( m )

190: Emotions 18/27
I am curious to know who will be our new teacher. ( f )

191: Emotions 19/27
The complicated instructions frustrate me.

192: Emotions 20/27
I was relieved when I found my lost keys.

193: Emotions 21/27
I was disappointed with my low score.

194: Emotions 22/27
I was worried about missing the last bus.

195: Emotions 23/27
I was angry at myself for coming late to the meeting.

196: Emotions 24/27
I hate being stuck in a traffic jam. (m)

197: Emotions 25/27
I was proud of my student's success. ( m )

198: Emotions 26/27
I hope for a better future. ( f )

199: Emotions 27/27
I get emotional when I see new immigrants arriving to our country. (m)

200: Food: At the Restaurant 1/53
Middle-eastern meat restaurants serve you a variety of salads before the main meal.

201: Food: At the Restaurant 2/53
This restaurant got good reviews.

202: Food: At the Restaurant 3/53
Does the restaurant have a kosher certificate?

203: Food: At the Restaurant 4/53
I am hungry. ( f )

204: Food: At the Restaurant 5/53
I am hungry. ( m )

205: Food: At the Restaurant 6/53
I would like to reserve a table for two. ( f )

206: Food: At the Restaurant 7/53
I would like to reserve a table for two. ( m )

207: Food: At the Restaurant 8/53
Do you have a reservation? ( to f )

208: Food: At the Restaurant 9/53
Do you have a reservation? ( to m )

209: Food: At the Restaurant 10/53
We have a reservation for four.

210: Food: At the Restaurant 11/53
Separate bills please.

211: Food: At the Restaurant 125/53
Can we please have a menu?

212: Food: At the Restaurant 13/53
Do you have a wine list?

213: Food: At the Restaurant 14/53
Please bring us water without ice.

214: Food: At the Restaurant 15/53
Do you have a kid's meal?

215: Food: At the Restaurant 16/53
What is today's special?

216: Food: At the Restaurant 17/53
The soup of the day is vegetable soup.

217: Food: At the Restaurant 18/53
Does the meal include salad?

218: Food: At the Restaurant 19/53
Which salad dressings do you have?

219: Food: At the Restaurant 20/53
Would you like something to drink? ( to f )

220: Food: At the Restaurant 21/53
Would you like something to drink? ( to m )

221: Food: At the Restaurant 22/53
Are you ready to order?

222: Food: At the Restaurant 23/53
We need a couple more minutes.

223: Food: At the Restaurant 24/53
The main course comes with two side dishes.

224: Food: At the Restaurant 25/53
That dish takes twenty minutes to prepare.

225: Food: At the Restaurant 26/53
I am a vegetarian. ( f )

226: Food: At the Restaurant 27/53
I am a vegetarian. ( m )

227: Food: At the Restaurant 28/53
What do you recommend? ( to f )

228: Food: At the Restaurant 29/53
What do you recommend? ( to m )

229: Food: At the Restaurant 30/53
Are the portions big?

230: Food: At the Restaurant 31/53
Is the dish spicy?

231: Food: At the Restaurant 32/53
What they are eating looks good.

232: Food: At the Restaurant 33/53
Vegetable, onion or tomato soup?

233: Food: At the Restaurant 34/53
The soup tastes very good.

234: Food: At the Restaurant 35/53
I recommend the roast beef with vegetables. ( f )

235: Food: At the Restaurant 36/53
I recommend the Chinese chicken with noodles. ( m )

236: Food: At the Restaurant 37/53
Potatos or rice?

237: Food: At the Restaurant 38/53
The Greek salad has tomatos, cucumbers, onions, olives and feta cheese.

238: Food: At the Restaurant 39/53
An Israeli salad has finely chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, parsley and dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.

239: Food: At the Restaurant 40/53
The bread and butter are included in the meal.

240: Food: At the Restaurant 41/53
The salad bar has ten different vegetables.

241: Food: At the Restaurant 42/53
Please, I want the hamburger well done. ( m )

242: Food: At the Restaurant 43/53
Please, I want the hamburger well done. ( f )

243: Food: At the Restaurant 44/53
Bon appetite!

244: Food: At the Restaurant 45/53
The kitchen closes in twenty minutes.

245: Food: At the Restaurant 46/53
Compliments to the chef.

246: Food: At the Restaurant 47/53
What would you like to order for dessert?

247: Food: At the Restaurant 48/53
We have hot apple pie with a scoop of ice-cream.

248: Food: At the Restaurant 49/53
Does the bill include a service tip?

249: Food: At the Restaurant 50/53
Can you pack the leftovers to take home please?

250: Food: At the Restaurant 51/53
The food was excellent. Thank you very much.

251: Food: At the Restaurant 52/53
The service was very good.

252: Food: At the Restaurant 53/53
Where are the bathrooms?

253: Food: Cooking and Baking 1/22
Let's bake a cake for the birthday party.

254: Food: Cooking and Baking 2/22
What is the secret ingredient that you put in the sauce?

255: Food: Cooking and Baking 3/22
Boil the eggs in water for ten minutes.

256: Food: Cooking and Baking 4/22
Add a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of pepper.

257: Food: Cooking and Baking 5/22
Roast the turkey for three hours.

258: Food: Cooking and Baking 6/22
The brownies in the oven smell delicious.

259: Food: Cooking and Baking 7/22
I peeled the potatoes with a peeler.

260: Food: Cooking and Baking 8/22
Chop the carrots into small pieces.

261: Food: Cooking and Baking 9/22
Add to the mixture one measuring cup of flour.

262: Food: Cooking and Baking 10/22
Add two cloves of crushed garlic.

263: Food: Cooking and Baking 11/22
Bake, uncovered, in a preheated 180 degree oven for 20 minutes.

264: Food: Cooking and Baking 12/22
I like scrambled eggs. ( m )

265: Food: Cooking and Baking 13/22
Would you like an omelet? ( to f )

266: Food: Cooking and Baking 14/22
Potato pancakes are prepared from grated potatos mixed with eggs and flour and fried in oil.

267: Food: Cooking and Baking 15/22
I added spices to the hamburger that was grilling on the barbeque.

268: Food: Cooking and Baking 16/22
Schnitzel is prepared by dipping a chicken breast in egg, an then in bread crumbs, and then it is fried.

269: Food: Cooking and Baking 17/22
The ingredients for Moussaka are ground beef, eggplant, eggs, salt and tomato paste.

270: Food: Cooking and Baking 18/22
The homemade chicken soup has pieces of chicken and all kinds of vegetables.

271: Food: Cooking and Baking 19/22
My mom bakes a great apple cake.

272: Food: Cooking and Baking 20/22
The cholent has meat, potatoes, barley, and beans.

273: Food: Cooking and Baking 21/22
Kugel is a pie of noodles or potatoes.

274: Food: Cooking and Baking 22/22
Bon appetite! Enjoy your meal!

275: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 1/20
How much does a whole portion of falafel cost?

276: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 2/20
How much does half a portion of falafel cost?

277: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 3/20
Pita or laffa bread?

278: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 4/20
How much does a small bottle of mineral water cost?

279: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 5/20
How much does a plate of tehina and falafel balls cost?

280: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 6/20
Please do not put anything spicy on my falafel.

281: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 7/20
Please add french fries.

282: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 8/20
Please add pickles.

283: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 9/20
Please, may I have a few napkins.

284: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 10/20
Please add slices of eggplant.

285: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 11/20
Please add humus.

286: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 12/20
Where can I wash my hands?

287: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 13/20
What type of meat is the shawarma?

288: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 14/20
Can you mix beef and chicken in my shawarma?

289: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 15/20
Do you have ketchup?

290: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 16/20
Do you have natural juices?

291: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 17/20
Please, no onions.

292: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 18/20
Two skewers of spring chicken, please.

293: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 19/20
What is a 'Jerusalem mix'?

294: Food: Falafel or Shwarma 20/20
May I please have a taste?

295: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 1/43
I'm going to the supermarket. Do you need anything? ( f to m )

296: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 2/43
I'm going to the supermarket. Do you need anything? ( m to f )

297: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 3/43
Before you go shopping, it is worthwhile to prepare a list.

298: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 4/43
I bought apples, oranges, peaches, pears, and strawberries in the fruit section.

299: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 5/43
Every Tuesday, I buy tomatos, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers and potatoes. ( f )

300: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 6/43
The only cheese I buy is five percent cottage cheese. ( m )

301: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 7/43
Do you know how much sugar is in each box of breakfast cereals?

302: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 8/43
In Israel they sell milk in bags and cartons.

303: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 9/43
Before holidays, there are stands that offer free tastes of new cheeses.

304: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 10/43
At the end of day there are big discounts on baguettes and rolls in the bakery section.

305: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 11/43
Where can I find grape juice?

306: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 12/43
Buy two get one free.

307: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 13/43
You need a five shekel coin to take a shopping cart.

308: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 14/43
At the meat counter I asked the butcher for one hundred grams of roast beef cut very thin.

309: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 15/43
I try to keep away from the shelves of cakes, cookies and chocolate. ( m )

310: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 16/43
Read the food labels carefully.

311: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 17/43
In a small chocolate bar there are 400 calories.

312: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 18/43
I try to buy products with low or no salt. ( f )

313: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 19/43
There are many strange sounding chemicals in the dietetic cookies.

314: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 20/43
Is there a big difference between organic and regular vegetables?

315: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 21/43
I buy mineral water in packages of 6 one liter bottles. ( m )

316: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 22/43
Where are the disposable plates?

317: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 23/43
It is recommended that you check the expiration date on all dairy products that you buy. ( to f )

318: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 24/43
When buying eggs, you need to check that each individual egg has a date stamp on it.

319: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 25/43
I am looking for decaffeinated coffee. ( f )

320: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 26/43
In this product there are only natural ingredients, without preservatives or food colorings.

321: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 27/43
I use coupons that I cut out from the local newspaper. ( f )

322: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 28/43
Into how many payments can I divide the bill?

323: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 29/43
One, two or three payments?

324: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 30/43
Can I pay by check?

325: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 31/43
Until what time are there deliveries?

326: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 32/43
The express line does not always advance faster.

327: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 33/43
I like to do my food shopping late at night. ( m )

328: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 34/43
Do not go food shopping when you are hungry.

329: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 35/43
It is worthwhile to check your bill for mistakes. ( to f )

330: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 36/43
I get a two percent discount on many products in the merit of my membership card.

331: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 37/43
I like stores that have people to help pack the groceries.

332: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 38/43
In my opinion, good prices and good customer service create loyal shoppers.

333: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 39/43
The placement of specific products at specific shelf heights is part of a marketing strategy.

334: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 40/43
Many supermarket chains produce their own food brands and they are cheaper than competitors brands.

335: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 41/43
I have a friend who buys her groceries using an online website.

336: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 42/43
In my supermarket there is a machine for collecting bottles for recycling.

337: Food: Shopping in the Supermarket 43/43
Do you have a club card?

338: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 1/25
Hello / Goodbye / Peace

339: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 2/25
Peace and blessings.

340: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 3/25
How are you? ( to f)

341: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 4/25
How are you? ( to m )

342: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 5/25

343: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 6/25
Good morning everyone.

344: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 7/25
Good afternoon to all the guests.

345: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 8/25
Good evening to all the visitors.

346: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 9/25
Good night and sweet dreams.

347: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 10/25
Have a good day!

348: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 11/25
Have a happy holiday!

349: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 12/25
Have a nice weekend!

350: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 13/25
Have a peaceful Shabbat!

351: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 14/25
Have a good week!

352: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 15/25
Have a good month!

353: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 16/25
What's new?

354: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 17/25
How are you doing?

355: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 18/25
How are things going?

356: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 19/25
How was it?

357: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 20/25
Where have you been? ( to m )

358: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 21/25
It has been a long time since I have seen you. ( to f )

359: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 22/25
How is the family? How is work?

360: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 23/25
All the best.

361: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 24/25
Good news.

362: Greetings, Farewells and Salutations 25/25
So long.

363: Hiking and Camping 1/22
The tour guide took us on a two day hike.

364: Hiking and Camping 2/22
There are lots of trails in the forests and mountains.

365: Hiking and Camping 3/22
Take a map with you so you do not get lost.

366: Hiking and Camping 4/22
Bring extra batteries for the flashlight.

367: Hiking and Camping 5/22
Did you bring the matches? ( to m )

368: Hiking and Camping 6/22
We used to take a compass with us on the hike. Today we take a phone with a GPS device.

369: Hiking and Camping 7/22
If you don't drink enough water, you may become dehydrated.

370: Hiking and Camping 8/22
To go on long hikes you must be in good physical condition.

371: Hiking and Camping 9/22
There are many camping sites in this forest.

372: Hiking and Camping 10/22
We need to gather twigs and branches for the campfire.

373: Hiking and Camping 11/22
Please help me setup the tent. ( to m )

374: Hiking and Camping 12/22
Using twigs, we roasted marshmallows on the open fire.

375: Hiking and Camping 13/22
We sang songs and played guitar around the bonfire. It was a great campfire.

376: Hiking and Camping 14/22
Make sure the fire has been totally extinguished before leaving the campsite.

377: Hiking and Camping 15/22
I opened my sleeping bag in the tent.

378: Hiking and Camping 16/22
Be careful. There is stinging nettle in those bushes. ( to m )

379: Hiking and Camping 17/22
Before going to sleep it is recommended to apply preparation against mosquitoes.

380: Hiking and Camping 18/22
I always have a can opener in my bag.

381: Hiking and Camping 19/22
I brought large garbage bags to collect all the trash.

382: Hiking and Camping 20/22
After the meal we will go for a short tour in the area.

383: Hiking and Camping 21/22
In the cave we needed to bend down and even crawl on our stomach.

384: Hiking and Camping 22/22
It was fun sleeping outdoors and watching the stars.

385: Hotel Check In 1/30
What are your room rates?

386: Hotel Check In 2/30
Do you have a room with a view?

387: Hotel Check In 3/30
Would you like a single room, or a double room?

388: Hotel Check In 4/30
For how long will you be staying?

389: Hotel Check In 5/30
Under what name is the reservation?

390: Hotel Check In 6/30
We need help with our luggage.

391: Hotel Check In 7/30
Does the price include breakfast?

392: Hotel Check In 8/30
We need an extra bed.

393: Hotel Check In 9/30
Do you have a laundry service?

394: Hotel Check In 10/30
We are fully booked for the holidays.

395: Hotel Check In 11/30
The indoor heated swimming pool is open all day.

396: Hotel Check In 12/30
Do you have a safe?

397: Hotel Check In 13/30
The parking lot is for guests of the hotel.

398: Hotel Check In 14/30
I would like to speak to the hotel manager, please. ( f )

399: Hotel Check In 15/30
I would like to speak to the head chef, please. ( m )

400: Hotel Check In 16/30
You can order meals to the room via room service.

401: Hotel Check In 17/30
We serve an Israeli breakfast.

402: Hotel Check In 18/30
The hotel provides free wireless Internet.

403: Hotel Check In 19/30
Does the room have a refrigerator?

404: Hotel Check In 20/30
Lunch is served in the dining room from 12 to 3.

405: Hotel Check In 21/30
We will meet in the hotel lobby in one hour.

406: Hotel Check In 22/30
To get to the exercise room, take the elevator down to the basement floor.

407: Hotel Check In 23/30
When is check out time?

408: Hotel Check In 24/30
Please send more towels to our room.

409: Hotel Check In 25/30
I love to collect the small soaps, lotions and shampoo that the hotel supplies. ( f )

410: Hotel Check In 26/30
Housekeeping cleans the rooms once a day. ( f )

411: Hotel Check In 27/30
Here is the bill for your stay in the hotel.

412: Hotel Check In 28/30
Please return the key to the reception (front desk).

413: Hotel Check In 29/30
Was everything ok?

414: Hotel Check In 30/30
We hope you enjoyed. We will be happy to see you again.

415: Introductions 1/26
What is your name? ( to f )

416: Introductions 2/26
What is your name? ( to m )

417: Introductions 3/26
My name is Jacob.

418: Introductions 4/26
Nice to meet you.

419: Introductions 5/26
Where are you from? ( to f )

420: Introductions 6/26
Where are you from? ( to m )

421: Introductions 7/26
Do you come here often?

422: Introductions 8/26
Have we met before?

423: Introductions 9/26
You look familiar. ( to f )

424: Introductions 10/26
You look familiar. ( to m )

425: Introductions 11/26
I live in the neighborhood.

426: Introductions 12/26
Where do you pray on Shabbat?

427: Introductions 13/26
I am visiting on vacation.

428: Introductions 14/26
He is a good friend.

429: Introductions 15/26
We grew up together.

430: Introductions 16/26
We went to the same school.

431: Introductions 17/26
We have many common friends.

432: Introductions 18/26
My grandparents also grew up in the Old City. What a small world!

433: Introductions 19/26
Where you born in Israel ? ( to m )

434: Introductions 20/26
When did you move to Israel? ( to f )

435: Introductions 21/26
Do you have family in Israel? ( to m )

436: Introductions 22/26
Would you like to go out to eat? ( to f )

437: Introductions 23/26
Let's be in touch.

438: Introductions 24/26
We'll talk tomorrow evening.

439: Introductions 25/26
I am happy to have met you. ( to f )

440: Introductions 26/26
I am happy to have met you. ( to m )

441: Israel 1/34
I love Israel! ( f )

442: Israel 2/34
I love Israel! ( m )

443: Israel 3/34
'Hatikvah' is Israel's national anthem.

444: Israel 4/34
The Shekel is the official currency used in Israel.

445: Israel 5/34
The law of return guarantees that every Jew has the right to immigrate to Israel.

446: Israel 6/34
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

447: Israel 7/34
The national emblem of Israel is a menorah and two olive branches.

448: Israel 8/34
EL AL is Israel's national airline.

449: Israel 9/34
'If you will it, it is no dream.' - Theodor Herzl

450: Israel 10/34
The first prime minister of Israel was David Ben-Gurion.

451: Israel 11/34
The first president of Israel was Chaim Weizmann.

452: Israel 12/34
The first Chief Rabbi of Israel was Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook.

453: Israel 13/34
The Israeli satellites are called 'Amos' and 'Offeq'.

454: Israel 14/34
Buy 'blue and white', 'Made in Israel' products.

455: Israel 15/34
The 'Merkava' is the Israeli made tank.

456: Israel 16/34
Route 90 is the longest Israeli road - about 480 kilometers.

457: Israel 17/34
'Operation Magic Carpet' was the aliyah of 45,000 Yemenite Jews to Israel.

458: Israel 18/34
'Operation Ezra and Nechemia' (1951) was the aliyah of Iraqi Jews to Israel.

459: Israel 19/34
In 'Operation Moses' (1984) 8,000 Ethiopian Jews made aliyah to Israel.

460: Israel 20/34
'Operation Solomon' (May 1991) 14,000 Ethiopian Jews made aliyah to Israel within 34 hours.

461: Israel 21/34
Israel has two official languages: Hebrew and Arabic.

462: Israel 22/34
Israel has more museums per capita than any other country in the world.

463: Israel 23/34
The modern State of Israel was declared in 1948.

464: Israel 24/34
Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people.

465: Israel 25/34
'In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.' - David Ben Gurion

466: Israel 26/34
The Hoopoe is Israel's national bird.

467: Israel 27/34
The International Bible Contest for Jewish Youth is held every year on Israel's Independnce Day.

468: Israel 28/34
The glue on the back of Israeli stamps is kosher.

469: Israel 29/34
In Israel people read more books per capita than any other nation in the world.

470: Israel 30/34
Israeli's can write Hebrew dates on their bank checks.

471: Israel 31/34
The biggest shopping seasons in Israel precede Rosh Hashana and Passover.

472: Israel 32/34
The Knesset, The Israeli Parliament, has 120 members because that's how many were in the ancient Great Assembly.

473: Israel 33/34
All places of entertainment are closed on Holocaust Remembrance Day and Israel Remembrance Day.

474: Israel 34/34
Israel absorbs more immigrants per capita than any other country in the world.

475: Israel: Jerusalem 1/46
I love Jerusalem! ( f )

476: Israel: Jerusalem 2/46
I love Jerusalem! ( m )

477: Israel: Jerusalem 3/46
Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel.

478: Israel: Jerusalem 4/46
Jerusalem is located in the Judean Hills.

479: Israel: Jerusalem 5/46
I prayed at the Western Wall.

480: Israel: Jerusalem 6/46
Please dress modestly while visiting the holy places.

481: Israel: Jerusalem 7/46
I went shopping in the Mahne Yehuda marketplace.

482: Israel: Jerusalem 8/46
I walked around the Ben Yehuda street mall.

483: Israel: Jerusalem 9/46
What time does the light and sound show start at the Tower of David?

484: Israel: Jerusalem 10/46
What time does the Western Wall tunnels tour start?

485: Israel: Jerusalem 11/46
The Jerusalem Archaeological Park is located near The Old City.

486: Israel: Jerusalem 12/46
The tour of the City of David takes two-three hours.

487: Israel: Jerusalem 13/46
Have you seen the unique Judaica collection at Heichal-Shlomo?

488: Israel: Jerusalem 14/46
Yad Vashem is a memorial museum for the Holocaust.

489: Israel: Jerusalem 15/46
The Chagall stained glass windows are located at Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital.

490: Israel: Jerusalem 16/46
The Knesset is located in Jerusalem and it is the parliament of the State of Israel.

491: Israel: Jerusalem 17/46
Which bus line goes to the Malcha shopping mall?

492: Israel: Jerusalem 18/46
There are many cafes and restaurants ?n Emek Refaim street in the German Colony.

493: Israel: Jerusalem 19/46
Every summer there is an artist fair in Khutzot Hayotzer near the Sultan's Pool.

494: Israel: Jerusalem 20/46
The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is located in the Malcha neighbourhood.

495: Israel: Jerusalem 21/46
The Bloomfield Science Museum has many interesting exhibits, also for children.

496: Israel: Jerusalem 22/46
The Dead sea scrolls are located in the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum.

497: Israel: Jerusalem 23/46
The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens has over 6,000 plant species.

498: Israel: Jerusalem 24/46
In the windmill in the Yemin Moshe neighborhood is a museum in memory of Moshe Montifiori.

499: Israel: Jerusalem 25/46
City hall is located in Safra Square.

500: Israel: Jerusalem 26/46
The Jerusalem International Convention Center is called 'Binyanei Hauma'.

501: Israel: Jerusalem 27/46
Har Hotzvim is one of Jerusalem's hi-tech parks.

502: Israel: Jerusalem 28/46
The National Library is located in Hebrew University in Givat Ram.

503: Israel: Jerusalem 29/46
Jerusalem was established over 3,000 years ago.

504: Israel: Jerusalem 30/46
King Solomon built the first temple.

505: Israel: Jerusalem 31/46
King David was buried on Mount Zion.

506: Israel: Jerusalem 32/46
The four quarters of the old city are: Jewish, Armenian, Mulsim and Christian.

507: Israel: Jerusalem 33/46
Me'a She'arim was established in 1874.

508: Israel: Jerusalem 34/46
Streets in Geula are named after the prophets of Israel.

509: Israel: Jerusalem 35/46
The cemetery on Mount of Olives is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the world.

510: Israel: Jerusalem 36/46
Hebrew University was established in 1925.

511: Israel: Jerusalem 37/46
The bloodiest battle of the six-day war took place at Ammunition Hill.

512: Israel: Jerusalem 38/46
The symbol of Jerusalem is the lion.

513: Israel: Jerusalem 39/46
If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its cunning!

514: Israel: Jerusalem 40/46
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

515: Israel: Jerusalem 41/46
Rejoice with Jerusalem, be glad with her, all you that love her.

516: Israel: Jerusalem 42/46
There is no beauty like the beauty of Jerusalem.

517: Israel: Jerusalem 43/46
The Lord shall bless thee out of Zion, and thou shalt see the good of Jerusalem.

518: Israel: Jerusalem 44/46
I set Jerusalem above my highest joy.

519: Israel: Jerusalem 45/46
Without Jerusalem, the Land of Israel is as a body without a soul.

520: Israel: Jerusalem 46/46
Naomi Shemer wrote the song "Jerusalem of Gold".

521: Israel: Tel Aviv 1/21
I love Tel Aviv! ( f )

522: Israel: Tel Aviv 2/21
I love Tel Aviv! ( m )

523: Israel: Tel Aviv 3/21
Tel-Aviv is a 'non-stop city' because you can wander around and have a good time all night long.

524: Israel: Tel Aviv 4/21
The Eretz Yisrael Tel-aviv Museum focuses on the history and culture of the Land of Israel.

525: Israel: Tel Aviv 5/21
Beit Hatfutsot, the museum of the Jewish people, is located on the Tel Aviv University campus.

526: Israel: Tel Aviv 6/21
I rented a sailboat from the Tel Aviv Marina.

527: Israel: Tel Aviv 7/21
I went shopping in the Azrieli mall.

528: Israel: Tel Aviv 8/21
On the top floor of the Azrieli towers there is an observation deck with a great view of Tel Aviv.

529: Israel: Tel Aviv 9/21
The Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre operates in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood in Tel Aviv.

530: Israel: Tel Aviv 10/21
The tour of the Palmach museum takes 90 minutes.

531: Israel: Tel Aviv 11/21
The 'Bima' in Tel-Aviv is the national theater of Israel.

532: Israel: Tel Aviv 12/21
The Israel Trade Fairs Center often hosts concerts and shows from Israel and abroad.

533: Israel: Tel Aviv 13/21
It is very nice to take an evening stroll on the boardwalk along the Tel-Aviv seashore.

534: Israel: Tel Aviv 14/21
The Tel-Aviv Art Museum has a comprehensive collection of classical and contemporary art.

535: Israel: Tel Aviv 15/21
Tel-Aviv was founded in 1909.

536: Israel: Tel Aviv 16/21
The main traffic route in Tel-Aviv is the Ayalon Highway.

537: Israel: Tel Aviv 17/21
The Israeli stock market and the management offices of the large banks are located in Tel-aviv.

538: Israel: Tel Aviv 18/21
Jaffa is an ancient port city mentioned in the bible.

539: Israel: Tel Aviv 19/21
Jaffa was an independent city for thousands of years until it was merged with Tel Aviv in 1949.

540: Israel: Tel Aviv 20/21
The Etzel Museum was designed in memory of the 41 Etzel fighters who fell in the Jaffa campaign.

541: Israel: Tel Aviv 21/21
Old Jaffa has a very popular artists quarter with many art galleries.

542: Israel: Haifa and North 1/24
I love Haifa! ( f )

543: Israel: Haifa and North 2/24
I love Haifa! ( m )

544: Israel: Haifa and North 3/24
Haifa is Israel's third largest city and is built on the slopes of Mount Carmel.

545: Israel: Haifa and North 4/24
Haifa's extended Mediterranean coast includes many nice beaches.

546: Israel: Haifa and North 5/24
Haifa is one of the best places in the country for windsurfing.

547: Israel: Haifa and North 6/24
We enjoyed very much the Haifa educational zoo.

548: Israel: Haifa and North 7/24
The Carmelit in Haifa is Israel's only subway system.

549: Israel: Haifa and North 8/24
I visited the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space in Haifa.

550: Israel: Haifa and North 9/24
At the Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum we learned a lot about the history of the State of Israel.

551: Israel: Haifa and North 10/24
The Bahai World Center on Mount Carmel consists of special structures and many beautiful gardens.

552: Israel: Haifa and North 11/24
The National Maritime Museum is devoted to the maritime history of the Mediterranean basin and the Red Sea.

553: Israel: Haifa and North 12/24
The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, is famous for its scientific achievements.

554: Israel: Haifa and North 13/24
The first electric power plant in Israel was built in Haifa and today it has modern power plants.

555: Israel: Haifa and North 14/24
Near the electric power plant is an interesting visitors center that deals with electricity and is suitable for all ages.

556: Israel: Haifa and North 15/24
The Railway Museum in Haifa has locomotives and carriages from different time periods.

557: Israel: Haifa and North 16/24
The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art in Haifa is a center which promotes and explains Japanese culture.

558: Israel: Haifa and North 17/24
The cave of the Prophet Elijah on mount Carmel is considered a holy place and many visit it.

559: Israel: Haifa and North 18/24
The ride on the transparent cable car above Haifa was exciting.

560: Israel: Haifa and North 19/24
The Carmel Nature Reserve is the largest national park in Israel.

561: Israel: Haifa and North 20/24
The Beit Oren horse ranch offers riding lessons for beginners.

562: Israel: Haifa and North 21/24
The Hecht Museum, with important archeology and art collections, is on the campus of Haifa University.

563: Israel: Haifa and North 22/24
The Port of Haifa is the leader in passenger traffic among Israeli ports.

564: Israel: Haifa and North 23/24
Matam (the center for science industries), is one of the largest hi-tech parks in Israel.

565: Israel: Haifa and North 24/24
Intel, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo have research and development centers in the Matam Center.

566: Israel: The Galilee 1/20
The Galilee is a mountainous region in northern Israel.

567: Israel: The Galilee 2/20
The highest peak in the Upper Galilee is Mount Meron.

568: Israel: The Galilee 3/20
The Kinneret (The Sea of Galilee) is the largest freshwater lake in Israel.

569: Israel: The Galilee 4/20
The National Water Carrier transports water from the Kinneret to the population centers of Israel.

570: Israel: The Galilee 5/20
Zippori National Park, which encompasses the ruins of a talmudic city, is located west of Nazareth.

571: Israel: The Galilee 6/20
Safed (Tsfat) is the highest city in Israel.

572: Israel: The Galilee 7/20
The graves of Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Meir Ba'al Haness and Maimonides are in Tiberias.

573: Israel: The Galilee 8/20
The Canada Center in Metula has Israel's largest ice skating ring.

574: Israel: The Galilee 9/20
Mount Hermon is Israel's highest mountain and offers the country's only skiing site.

575: Israel: The Galilee 10/20
The Marzipan Museum, located in Kfar Tavor, offers creative marzipan and chocolate workshops.

576: Israel: The Galilee 11/20
Safed's annual Klezmer Festival includes Klezmer bands from throughout Israel.

577: Israel: The Galilee 12/20
Near Kibbutz Beit Alfa there is an ancient Byzantine-era synagogue.

578: Israel: The Galilee 13/20
The Ghetto Fighters' House, located in the Western Galilee, was founded by Holocaust survivors.

579: Israel: The Galilee 14/20
The Agmon Hula Park is one of the best bird watching sites in the world.

580: Israel: The Galilee 15/20
Children can feed kangaroos at Gan Guru which is located at Kibbutz Nir David.

581: Israel: The Galilee 16/20
I went kayaking on the Jordan River.

582: Israel: The Galilee 17/20
The Ancient Katzrin Park in the Golan features a reconstructed synagogue and village from Talmudic times.

583: Israel: The Galilee 18/20
I took the cable car down to visit the beautiful and unique grottoes at Rosh Hanikra.

584: Israel: The Galilee 19/20
There are many ancient synagogues in Safed.

585: Israel: The Galilee 20/20
During Lag Ba'Omer, thousands of people visit Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai's gravesite in Meiron.

586: Israel: Be'er Sheva 1/21
I love Be'er Sheva! ( f )

587: Israel: Be'er Sheva 2/21
I love Be'er Sheva! ( m )

588: Israel: Be'er Sheva 3/21
Be'er Sheva is the capital of the Negev.

589: Israel: Be'er Sheva 4/21
Be'er Sheva was the southernmost city of Israel in Biblical times.

590: Israel: Be'er Sheva 5/21
Be'er Sheva is named after the oath of Abraham and Avimelech (well of the oath).

591: Israel: Be'er Sheva 6/21
At Tel Be'er Sheva you can see how people lived in biblical times.

592: Israel: Be'er Sheva 7/21
The Negev covers more than half of Israel's land area.

593: Israel: Be'er Sheva 8/21
The Beduin market takes place in Be'er Sheva every Thursday.

594: Israel: Be'er Sheva 9/21
I bought jewelry at the Beduin market.

595: Israel: Be'er Sheva 10/21
I rode a camel in the Negev.

596: Israel: Be'er Sheva 11/21
There are frequently scheduled bus and train services between Be'er Sheva and Tel Aviv.

597: Israel: Be'er Sheva 12/21
The Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva is the largest medical center in the southern region of Israel.

598: Israel: Be'er Sheva 13/21
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is located in Be'er Sheva.

599: Israel: Be'er Sheva 14/21
The Israel Air Force Museum is located in Kibbutz Chatzerim, near Beer Sheva.

600: Israel: Be'er Sheva 15/21
After David Ben-Gurion retired, he moved to live in Sde Boker, a kibbutz in the Negev.

601: Israel: Be'er Sheva 16/21
The Ben-Gurion National Solar Energy center is located in Sde Boker.

602: Israel: Be'er Sheva 17/21
Makhtesh Ramon in the Negev is a unique geological nature phenomenon.

603: Israel: Be'er Sheva 18/21
The city of Arad is located on the border of the Negev and the Judean Desert.

604: Israel: Be'er Sheva 19/21
Many tourists travelling to the Dead Sea and Masada are hosted in hotels in Arad.

605: Israel: Be'er Sheva 20/21
Arad Textile Industries manufactures and markets towels to many places in Israel and around the world.

606: Israel: Be'er Sheva 21/21
The air in Arad is dry and clean, therefore, many people with asthma visit the city.

607: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 1/20
The Dead Sea is the lowest point in the world - 400 meters below sea level.

608: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 2/20
The Dead Sea is a candidate for being one of the seven great natural wonders of the world.

609: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 3/20
Ancient scrolls, from the period of the second temple, were discovered in the Qumran Caves near the Dead Sea.

610: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 4/20
The air, water and mud from the Dead Seas are helpful in healing a variety of disease.

611: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 5/20
Tourists come from all over the world to bath and be healed in the Dead Sea.

612: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 6/20
I floated in the Dead Sea waters.

613: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 7/20
The cosmetics company 'Ahava' develops preparations that include unique minerals from the Dead Sea.

614: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 8/20
Kibbutz Ein Gedi has ruins of an ancient town, a botanical garden, hiking paths, a beach and a guesthouse.

615: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 9/20
Ein Gedi is mentioned in the Bible and in the Bar Kochba letters.

616: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 10/20
In Ein Gedi there is an ancient synagogue with an interesting mosaic floor.

617: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 11/20
All year long two springs run through the Ein Gedi nature reserve: the Arugot Spring and the David Spring.

618: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 12/20
I saw mountain goats and Rock Hyrax at the Ein Gedi reserve.

619: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 13/20
The Ein Gedi Spa has hot pools that are filled with sulphur water.

620: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 14/20
Masada was built by King Herod towards the end of the second temple period.

621: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 15/20
Masada was the last stand of the zealot rebels during the period of the great rebellion.

622: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 16/20
It is recommended to wear a hat and drink plenty of water when you visit Masada.

623: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 17/20
We climbed up Masada before sunrise.

624: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 18/20
The adults went up in the cable-car to the top of Masada.

625: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 19/20
The Dead Sea Works is the world's fourth largest producer of potash products.

626: Israel: The Dead Sea and Surroundings 20/20
Opposite the salt quarry at Mount Sdom is a pillar of salt called 'Lot's Wife'.

627: Israel: Eilat 1/20
I love Eilat! ( f )

628: Israel: Eilat 2/20
I love Eilat! ( m )

629: Israel: Eilat 3/20
Eilat is Israel's southernmost city and a popular resort.

630: Israel: Eilat 4/20
The Port of Eilat is the only Israeli port on the Red Sea.

631: Israel: Eilat 5/20
Eilat has a desert climate with hot, dry summers and warm winters.

632: Israel: Eilat 6/20
Eilat is well known for its nice beaches and its promenade.

633: Israel: Eilat 7/20
I went scuba diving in Eilat.

634: Israel: Eilat 8/20
In the Underwater Observatory Marine Park you can view the wildlife under the sea and feed the fish.

635: Israel: Eilat 9/20
At the Dolphin Reef you can swim and dive with the dolphins.

636: Israel: Eilat 10/20
At the Coral Beach Nature Reserve we dived using snorkels and we discovered a wonderful undersea world.

637: Israel: Eilat 11/20
The cruise on the 'Israel-Yam', a glass-bottomed, air-conditioned boat, lasts two hours.

638: Israel: Eilat 12/20
The Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve breeds animals from the Bible as well as endangered desert animals.

639: Israel: Eilat 13/20
'Kings City' is a biblical themed amusement park set inside a palace.

640: Israel: Eilat 14/20
The Camel Ranch in Nachal Shlomo offers daily camel tours.

641: Israel: Eilat 15/20
The unique geological phenomena at Timna Park are one of the biggest attractions in southern Israel.

642: Israel: Eilat 16/20
The world's oldest copper mine, which is at least 6000 years old, can be found in Timna Park.

643: Israel: Eilat 17/20
At the Imax 3D movie theater we watched amazing three dimentional movies on a giant screen.

644: Israel: Eilat 18/20
In the Imax 3D movie theater, which is built in the shape of a pyramid, there is also a wax museum.

645: Israel: Eilat 19/20
Shopping in Eilat is less expensive because Eilat is a tax free zone (no VAT).

646: Israel: Eilat 20/20
Eilat's International Birding and Research Centre (IBRCE) gives rest, food and rehabilitation to migrating birds.

647: Israeli Sayings / Slang 1/37
excellent in the extreme (years ago it meant the opposite)

648: Israeli Sayings / Slang 2/37
Are you kidding?!

649: Israeli Sayings / Slang 3/37
I feel like it

650: Israeli Sayings / Slang 4/37
I don't feel like it

651: Israeli Sayings / Slang 5/37
Fun! / Fine with me

652: Israeli Sayings / Slang 6/37
It will be ok.

653: Israeli Sayings / Slang 7/37
It is written black on white.

654: Israeli Sayings / Slang 8/37
not for quoting / off the record

655: Israeli Sayings / Slang 9/37
go with the flow

656: Israeli Sayings / Slang 10/37
security situation

657: Israeli Sayings / Slang 11/37
feel awful

658: Israeli Sayings / Slang 12/37
a little patience

659: Israeli Sayings / Slang 13/37
proactive thinker (big head)

660: Israeli Sayings / Slang 14/37
passive thinker (small head)

661: Israeli Sayings / Slang 15/37
last but not least

662: Israeli Sayings / Slang 16/37
do not worry ( to f )

663: Israeli Sayings / Slang 17/37
do not worry ( to m )

664: Israeli Sayings / Slang 18/37
forget it ( to f )

665: Israeli Sayings / Slang 19/37
forget it ( to m )

666: Israeli Sayings / Slang 20/37
if only

667: Israeli Sayings / Slang 21/37
On Your Life! Really? Oh Sure!

668: Israeli Sayings / Slang 22/37

669: Israeli Sayings / Slang 23/37
Making a Big Deal Out of Nothing (storm in a cup)

670: Israeli Sayings / Slang 24/37
it is all talk

671: Israeli Sayings / Slang 25/37
it is all politics

672: Israeli Sayings / Slang 26/37
go for it ( to f )

673: Israeli Sayings / Slang 27/37
go for it ( to m )

674: Israeli Sayings / Slang 28/37
let's do it!

675: Israeli Sayings / Slang 29/37
G-d will protect

676: Israeli Sayings / Slang 30/37
with g-d's help

677: Israeli Sayings / Slang 31/37
Watch it. ( to f )

678: Israeli Sayings / Slang 32/37
Watch it. ( to m )

679: Israeli Sayings / Slang 33/37
Who is last on line?

680: Israeli Sayings / Slang 34/37
Please watch my place in line.

681: Israeli Sayings / Slang 35/37
I was in front of him.

682: Israeli Sayings / Slang 36/37
I was after him.

683: Israeli Sayings / Slang 37/37
You can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

684: Jewish: Shabbat 1/24
Have a peaceful Shabbat!

685: Jewish: Shabbat 2/24
Have a peaceful and blessed Shabbat!

686: Jewish: Shabbat 3/24
With the Shabbat comes rest.

687: Jewish: Shabbat 4/24
Remember the Shabbat and sanctify it.

688: Jewish: Shabbat 5/24
Keep the Shabbat and sanctify it.

689: Jewish: Shabbat 6/24
The Shabbat begins at sundown on Friday evening.

690: Jewish: Shabbat 7/24
Jewish law (halakha) prohibits doing any form of work on Shabbat.

691: Jewish: Shabbat 8/24
All Israeli government offices and all the banks are closed on Shabbat.

692: Jewish: Shabbat 9/24
More than Israel has preserved the Sabbat, the Sabbat has preserved Israel.

693: Jewish: Shabbat 10/24
We buy and prepare the best food in honor of the Shabbat.

694: Jewish: Shabbat 11/24
During the week everyone eats when they want, but on Shabbat we all eat together.

695: Jewish: Shabbat 12/24
On the Shabbat table there is wine for the blessing.

696: Jewish: Shabbat 13/24
Our Shabbat table includes two whole wheat challot.

697: Jewish: Shabbat 14/24
Cholent is a traditional Shabbat dish which is designed to be cooked very slowly.

698: Jewish: Shabbat 15/24
The Cholent we ate on Shabbat was delicious.

699: Jewish: Shabbat 16/24
At the Shabbat table, we sing zemirot which are special songs in honor of the Shabbat.

700: Jewish: Shabbat 17/24
I prayed in the synagogue on Shabbat.

701: Jewish: Shabbat 18/24
The hotel's Shabbat elevator automatically stops on every floor on Shabbat.

702: Jewish: Shabbat 19/24
There are many different tunes for the song 'Lecha Dodee' which we sing on Friday evening in the synagogue.

703: Jewish: Shabbat 20/24
On Shabbat afternoon people paricipate in lectures, go out for walks or go take naps.

704: Jewish: Shabbat 21/24
The letters of the word 'Shabbat' are the initials for: sleeping on Shabbat is a pleasure.

705: Jewish: Shabbat 22/24
When Shabbat ends, it is a tradition to say Havdalah with wine, a candle, and a sweet spice.

706: Jewish: Shabbat 23/24
Melaveh Malkah ('Escorting the Queen') is the name of a meal that is customarily held on Saturday night.

707: Jewish: Shabbat 24/24
Shavua tov!

708: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 1/25
Have a good year!

709: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 2/25
May you be inscribed for a good year.

710: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 3/25
May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year. ( to m )

711: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 4/25
May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year. ( to f )

712: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 5/25
Rosh Hashana (head of the year) is celebrated on the first two days of the Hebrew month of Tishrei.

713: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 6/25
Rosh Hashanah marks the anniversary of the creation of the world.

714: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 7/25
The prayer book used on Rosh Hashana is called a Machzor.

715: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 8/25
Selichot (forgiveness) are special prayers that are said in the days before Rosh Hashana.

716: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 9/25
Rosh Hashana has three additional names: The Day of Judgement, The Day of Remembrance, the Day of Blowing the Shofar.

717: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 10/25
There is a tradition to eat round Challot on Rosh Hashana to symbolize the cycle of the year.

718: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 11/25
An important mitzvah of Rosh Hashana is to hear the sounding of the shofar (ram's horn).

719: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 12/25
The shofar is sounded 100 times on each day of Rosh Hashana.

720: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 13/25
We play three different sounds: Tekiah, Shevarim, Teruah.

721: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 14/25
The tekiah is one long continuous sound.

722: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 15/25
'Shevarim' is three short blasts one after the other.

723: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 16/25
'Teruah' is nine very short sounds one after the other.

724: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 17/25
I heard the shofar blowing in the synagogue.

725: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 18/25
On Rosh Hashanah many men in my synagogue wear on top of their clothes a 'kitel' - a white, ankle-length robe.

726: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 19/25
According to Jewish tradition three things can influence judgement day: repentance, prayer and charity.

727: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 20/25
'Tashlikh' is a prayer said on Rosh Hashana, near a body of water, symbolically casting sins into the water.

728: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 21/25
It is a tradition on Rosh Hashana to eat 'symbolic foods' that symbolize blessings and hope for the new year.

729: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 22/25
The excepted symbols include: an apple in honey, pomegranate, head of a fish or sheep, carrots, beets, dates, pumpkin and others.

730: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 23/25
We dip apples in honey and recite: Renew us with a good and sweet new year.

731: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 24/25
We eat a pomegranate and recite: May our merits be as plentiful as the seeds of the pomegranate.

732: Jewish Holiday: Rosh Hashana 25/25
Many people buy new clothes for the holiday and recite the 'Shehecheyanu' blessing.

733: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 1/23
Happy Sukkot!

734: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 2/23
Sukkot is also called 'Zeman Simchateinu'. (The Season of our Rejoicing)

735: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 3/23
Sukkot is also called 'Chag Ha-Asif'. (The Holiday of Gathering)

736: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 4/23
Sukkot is celebrated for seven days.

737: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 5/23
During Sukkot we eat, study, host guests and sleep in the sukkah.

738: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 6/23
The first day of Sukkot is on the fifteenth of the Hebrew month of Tishrei.

739: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 7/23
Sukkot commemorates Israel's journey through the desert on the way to the promised land.

740: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 8/23
When Israel wandered in the desert they lived in huts that protected them and gave them shade.

741: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 9/23
During Sukkot we bless on the four species: Lulav, Hadass, Aravah, Etrog.

742: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 10/23
'Sechach' is the material (branches, mats and similar) used for the roof of the Sukkah.

743: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 11/23
It is a tradition to start building the Sukkah right after Yom Kippur.

744: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 12/23
The days between the first day of Sukkot and Shmini Atzeret are called 'Chol Hamoed'.

745: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 13/23
When we bless on the four spices we hold them and shake them in 6 directions.

746: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 14/23
The Aramaic word 'Ushpizin' means 'guests'.

747: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 15/23
'Ushpizin' is a nickname for our patriarchs and, based on tradition, they visit us and are guests in the Sukkah.

748: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 16/23
'Hoshanot' are special prayers we recite in the synagogue every day of the holiday.

749: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 17/23
When we say the 'Hoshanot', we circle the Bima (platform) seven times with our four spices.

750: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 18/23
We decorate our Sukkah with drawings and decorations that we made in school.

751: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 19/23
Our synagogue has a large Sukkah that anyone may eat in during the holiday.

752: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 20/23
Our favorite pizza store built a sukkah near the entrance.

753: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 21/23
All elementary and high school students in Israel have vacation on Sukkot.

754: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 22/23
On Shmini Atzeret we pray for a winter filled with blessed rain.

755: Jewish Holiday: Sukkot 23/23
On Simchat Torah we complete the reading of the Torah and start it from new.

756: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 1/26
Happy Chanukah!

757: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 2/26
The Chanukkah holiday is in remembrance to the victory of the Maccabees over the Greeks and the rededication of the alter in the Temple.

758: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 3/26
Chanukkah is an eight day holiday beginning on the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev.

759: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 4/26
These candles we light for the miracles and wonders....in days past and this time.

760: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 5/26
Rocky Fortress of my salvation, it is delightful to praise You.

761: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 6/26
Chanukkah is called the 'festival of lights' because of the menorah candles we light every night.

762: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 7/26
A box of 44 candles (including the Shamash) lasts for all of Chanukkah

763: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 8/26
We light the menorah at nightfall and the candles must burn at least 30 minutes.

764: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 9/26
It is traditional to eat oil fried foods on Chanukkah because of the miracle of the jug of oil.

765: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 10/26
I love eating latkes (potato pancakes) on Chanukkah. ( f )

766: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 11/26
I love eating jelly donuts on Chanukkah. ( m )

767: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 12/26
Children used to play dreidel to hide their Torah studies from the Greeks.

768: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 13/26
The letters on the sevivon (dreidel) outside Israel are: Nun, Gimel, Hay, Shin.

769: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 14/26
A big miracle happened there.

770: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 15/26
The letters on the Israeli sevivon (dreidel) are: Nun, Gimel, Hay, Pay.

771: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 16/26
A big miracle happened here.

772: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 17/26
Judah, Matityahu's son, led the Maccabee's fight against the Greek army.

773: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 18/26
The Maccabees started the revolt in the Modiin area in Israel with the announcement: 'Those for G-d, come to me.'

774: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 19/26
The Maccabees fought for the right to practice Judaism.

775: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 20/26
The Maccabees were also called the Hashmonaim.

776: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 21/26
Every day I got five Shekels for Chanukkah money (gelt).

777: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 22/26
We say the prayer 'Al Hanisim' (for the miracles) to thank G-d for helping us beat our enemies.

778: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 23/26
Pure olive oil was used to light the temple menorah.

779: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 24/26
The menorah in the temple had 7 branches.

780: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 25/26
The menorah we light on the holiday has 8 branches and one more for the Shamash.

781: Jewish Holiday: Chanukah 26/26
The back of the Israeli 10 agorot coin has a picture of the temple menorah (candelabrum).

782: Jewish Holiday: Purim 1/28
Happy Purim!

783: Jewish Holiday: Purim 2/28
Purim is celebrated in most places on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar.

784: Jewish Holiday: Purim 3/28
In Jerusalem and other selected places Purim is celebrated on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Adar.

785: Jewish Holiday: Purim 4/28
The holiday is called Purim based on the lot that Hamen drew when he wanted to destroy Israel.

786: Jewish Holiday: Purim 5/28
The story of Purim occured in Shushan, the capital of the Persian Empire.

787: Jewish Holiday: Purim 6/28
The story of Purim appears in the Bible and is called Megilat Esther (the scroll of Esther).

788: Jewish Holiday: Purim 7/28
Esther was chosen to be Queen after the king Achashveirosh got mad at Vashti and divorced her.

789: Jewish Holiday: Purim 8/28
Esther's other name was Hadassah and she was the niece of Mordechai the Jew.

790: Jewish Holiday: Purim 9/28
The word Esther reminds us of the word secret or hidden.

791: Jewish Holiday: Purim 10/28
Haman was angry with Mordechai because Mordechai refused to kneel and bow down to Haman.

792: Jewish Holiday: Purim 11/28
Haman decided to slaughter all the Jews, Mordechai's nation, on the thirteenth of the month of Adar.

793: Jewish Holiday: Purim 12/28
At Esther's second feast she asked the king to save her life and the lives of her people.

794: Jewish Holiday: Purim 13/28
The Jews had light and joy and honor.

795: Jewish Holiday: Purim 14/28
On Purim we read the scroll of Esther twice: in the evening and in the morning.

796: Jewish Holiday: Purim 15/28
In the synagogue we read The Book of Esther from a kosher parchment scroll.

797: Jewish Holiday: Purim 16/28
In the evening right before the megillah reading it is customary to give charity 'in memory of half a Shekel'.

798: Jewish Holiday: Purim 17/28
When Haman's name is mentioned during the reading of the scroll of Esther, it is customary for people to make noise.

799: Jewish Holiday: Purim 18/28
On Purim morning we also read in the synagogue the Torah portion about Amalek.

800: Jewish Holiday: Purim 19/28
On Purim we send each other 'Mishloach Manot', gifts of food and drinks.

801: Jewish Holiday: Purim 20/28
On Purim we give 'Matanot La'evyonim', charity to at least two needy people.

802: Jewish Holiday: Purim 21/28
On Purim we make a large feast, and it is customary to drink a lot of wine.

803: Jewish Holiday: Purim 22/28
It is a tradition to eat Oznei Haman (Haman's Ears, hamantaschen), pasteries shaped in triangles.

804: Jewish Holiday: Purim 23/28
I especially like Oznei Haman filled with chocolate.

805: Jewish Holiday: Purim 24/28
It is customary to dress up on Purim and make a costume party.

806: Jewish Holiday: Purim 25/28
My class prepared for the party a Purim Spiel (play).

807: Jewish Holiday: Purim 26/28
The Purim costume parade is called 'Adloyada', made of the words 'until he did not know'.

808: Jewish Holiday: Purim 27/28
Mordechai was from the tribe of Binyamin.

809: Jewish Holiday: Purim 28/28
In the Baka neighborhood in Jerusalem there is a street called Mordechai the Jew and near it Queen Esther Street.

810: Jewish Holiday: Passover 1/29
Have a kosher and happy Passover!

811: Jewish Holiday: Passover 2/29
Passover starts on the fifteenth of the Hebrew month of Nisan.

812: Jewish Holiday: Passover 3/29
Passover is in memory of the Nation of Israel leaving Egypt, from slavery to freedom.

813: Jewish Holiday: Passover 4/29
Passover has three additional names: holiday of matzot, holiday of freedom and holiday of Spring.

814: Jewish Holiday: Passover 5/29
The holiday is called Passover because G-d passed over, skipped, the Israel's houses in Egypt during the first born plague.

815: Jewish Holiday: Passover 6/29
On Passover we eat Matzah in remembrance of the Matzot Israel made when they left Egypt in haste.

816: Jewish Holiday: Passover 7/29
The Torah prohibits people of Israel to eat or possess in his domain chametz during all the days of the holiday.

817: Jewish Holiday: Passover 8/29
The first night of Passover is called 'night of the order' when we have a special ceremony.

818: Jewish Holiday: Passover 9/29
The book that we read on the seder night about leaving Egypt is called the Passover Haggadah.

819: Jewish Holiday: Passover 10/29
What has changed, this night, from all the other nights?

820: Jewish Holiday: Passover 11/29
We were salves to Pharoh in Egypt.

821: Jewish Holiday: Passover 12/29
We eat bitter herbs because the Egyptians made are lives bitter in Egypt.

822: Jewish Holiday: Passover 13/29
In every generation a person must see himself as if he left Egypt.

823: Jewish Holiday: Passover 14/29
It is a commandment on the seder evening to tell the children about the events of leaving Egypt.

824: Jewish Holiday: Passover 15/29
At the Passover Seder I eat 'watched over' hand-made Matzot.

825: Jewish Holiday: Passover 16/29
During the seder night we drink four glasses of wine.

826: Jewish Holiday: Passover 17/29
On the Passover Seder Plate lay six symbolic foods.

827: Jewish Holiday: Passover 18/29
The roasted lamb bone symbolizes the Pesach sacrifice, that was sacrificed when the temple existed.

828: Jewish Holiday: Passover 19/29
We open the door during the seder to welcome Elijah the prophet.

829: Jewish Holiday: Passover 20/29
I found the Afikoman.

830: Jewish Holiday: Passover 21/29
At our seder, each person gets to sing one paragraph of the song 'Who knows one?'.

831: Jewish Holiday: Passover 22/29
At our Passover Seder, we sang the song 'Ki Lo Naeh' (Because it is fitting to G-d) in three different tunes.

832: Jewish Holiday: Passover 23/29
The Passover song 'One Little Goat' reminds me of the song: 'I know an old lady that swallowed a fly'.

833: Jewish Holiday: Passover 24/29
The exile of the Jewish people in Egypt lasted 210 years.

834: Jewish Holiday: Passover 25/29
Pharoh let the Jews out of Egypt after the tenth plague - slaying of the Egyptian first born.

835: Jewish Holiday: Passover 26/29
According to the sages, the Jews in Egypt kept their Jewish names, language and clothing.

836: Jewish Holiday: Passover 27/29
On Passover in Israel, Chametz is not sold in the grocery store.

837: Jewish Holiday: Passover 28/29
All elementary and high school students in Israel have vacation on Passover.

838: Jewish Holiday: Passover 29/29
Next year in Jerusalem, the rebuilt.

839: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 1/22
Happy Shavuot!

840: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 2/22
Shavuot is celebrated on the sixth day of the Hebrew month of Sivan.

841: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 3/22
We count seven weeks after the first day of Passover until the Shavuot holiday.

842: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 4/22
The counting of the 49 days between Passover and Shavuot is called 'Counting the Omer'.

843: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 5/22
Shavuot has four additional names: harvest holiday, first fruits holiday, holiday of giving of the Torah, assembly.

844: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 6/22
Near Shavuot they would harvest the wheat and bring to the temple bread from the new wheat.

845: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 7/22
The first fruit from the seven types are called 'Bikurim' (like 'Bechor', first born of parents).

846: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 8/22
The seven types that the land of Israel was blessed with are: wheat, barley, grape, fig, pomegranate, olive, date.

847: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 9/22
When the temple existed, they would gather the first fruits and bring them to Jerusalem.

848: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 10/22
According to tradition, on the sixth of Sivan, G-d gave to the nation of Israel the Torah on Mount Sinai.

849: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 11/22
On Shavuot we read the scroll of Ruth (book of Ruth).

850: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 12/22
Ruth was from Moab and chose to join the nation of Israel.

851: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 13/22
King David was the great-grandson of Ruth.

852: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 14/22
According to tradition, King David was born and died on the Shavuot holiday.

853: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 15/22
On the eve of Shavuot it is customary to stay up all night and study Torah.

854: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 16/22
We decorate the synagogue with green plants and flowers in remembrance of Mount Sinai which was covered with greenery during the giving of the Torah.

855: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 17/22
On Shavuot in the synagogue we read special poetic compilations that are related to the giving of the Torah.

856: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 18/22
Rabbi Meir Ben Isaac wrote the compilations 'Akdamot' that Ashkenazim read on Shavuot.

857: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 19/22
Rabbi Shlomo Iben Gabriel wrote the poetic compilations called 'Azharot' (warnings) that Sefaradim read on Shavuot.

858: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 20/22
There is a custom to eat dairy products on Shavuot.

859: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 21/22
On Shavuot we ate cheese cake and blintzes.

860: Jewish Holiday: Shavuot 22/22
Kibbutzim in Israel have a custom to hold first fruit ceremonies on Shavuot.

861: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 1/77
Love thy neighbor as you love thy self.

862: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 2/77
Charity is a life saver.

863: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 3/77
Don't do unto others what you wouldn't want done to you.

864: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 4/77
Do not judge a book by its cover.

865: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 5/77
The world stands on three things: on Torah study, on the service (of G-d), and on kind deeds.

866: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 6/77
All Jews are responsible each for the other.

867: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 7/77
Your fellow man's items must be as dear to you as your own.

868: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 8/77
Be not slow to visit the sick.

869: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 9/77
Who is wise? He who learns from all people.

870: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 10/77
Who is rich? The one who appreciates what he has.

871: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 11/77
If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?

872: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 12/77
And when I am for myself, what am I?

873: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 13/77
And if not now, when?

874: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 14/77
Say little and do much.

875: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 15/77
The words of the wise are heard [when spoken] softly.

876: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 16/77
He who insults a person in public, loses his share in the world-to-come.

877: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 17/77
A good name is better than good oil.

878: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 18/77
Silence is better for the wise, and how much more so for fools.

879: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 19/77
Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

880: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 20/77
You can't argue over taste or smell.

881: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 21/77
He who watches his mouth and his tongue guards his soul from troubles.

882: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 22/77
Who is mighty? He who subdues his passions.

883: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 23/77
By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food.

884: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 24/77
It is not your responsibility to finish the work [of perfecting the world], but you are not free to desist from it either.

885: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 25/77
A word to the wise is sufficient.

886: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 26/77
Right behavior precedes learning.

887: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 27/77
Whoever saves a single life is as if he had saved an entire universe.

888: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 28/77
The end product is found in the first thoughts.

889: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 29/77
The first step to wisdom is silence.

890: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 30/77
A mitzvah causes another mitzvah and a sin causes another sin.

891: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 31/77
Greet every person with a pleasant face.

892: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 32/77
One may supersede the Sabbath laws in order to save a life.

893: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 33/77
Repentance, prayer, and charity, change the evil of the decree.

894: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 34/77
Do not judge your friend until you stand in his place.

895: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 35/77
With much wealth comes many worries.

896: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 36/77
Nobody is ever impoverished through the giving of charity.

897: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 37/77
Give charity graciously and cheerfully.

898: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 38/77
The greatest charity is to enable the poor to earn a living.

899: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 39/77
To him that is eager to give, the blessed Lord provides the means.

900: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 40/77
The reward of a mitzva - another mitzva!

901: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 41/77
Charity outweighs all other commandments.

902: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 42/77
Great is charity, for it brings near the redemption.

903: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 43/77
Payment of debt is a religious commandment.

904: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 44/77
A person is judged only by his acts at the time.

905: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 45/77
Justice and only justice shall you follow.

906: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 46/77
Repentance and good deeds are a man's best lawyer.

907: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 47/77
Do not side with the majority to do wrong!

908: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 48/77
The merciful man does his own soul good.

909: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 49/77
You shall not murder!

910: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 50/77
To reedem prisoners is a splendid act of piety.

911: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 51/77
If someone comes to kill you, get in first and kill him!

912: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 52/77
Who visits a sick friend lessens his pain a little.

913: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 53/77
The commandment is a lamp, and Torah is light.

914: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 54/77
One does more and one does less, but both should devote themselves to G-d.

915: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 55/77
You shall not mistreat any widow or orphan.

916: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 56/77
Who is respected? One who respects his health.

917: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 57/77
Do what you have promised!

918: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 58/77
Judge every man charitably.

919: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 59/77
Keep far from a lie!

920: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 60/77
It is not what one says, but rather what one does.

921: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 61/77
The Torah speaks in a language all people speak.

922: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 62/77
You shall not put a stumbling-block before the blind.

923: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 63/77
The more schooling, the more wisdom.

924: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 64/77
Scholars enhance peace in the world.

925: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 65/77
Find yourself a teacher and get you a fellow-student!

926: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 66/77
Revere your teacher as you would heaven.

927: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 67/77
I became wiser from every teacher.

928: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 68/77
The welcoming of guests takes precedence over welcoming the divine presence.

929: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 69/77
Let your home be a meeting place for the Sages!

930: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 70/77
Sages, be careful with your words!

931: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 71/77
Where there is no flour, there is no Torah.

932: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 72/77
One must not rely on miracles happening.

933: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 73/77
You should rise up before the elderly, and honor the face of the old man.

934: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 74/77
There is no man who has not his hour, and no thing that has not its place.

935: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 75/77
Do not say I will study when I have time, lest you never find the time.

936: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 76/77
He who in whom fellow people find delight, in him the G-d finds pleasure.

937: Jewish Proverbs / Sayings 77/77
Beloved is man, for he was created in the image (of G-d).

938: Languages 1/24
I do not understand Hebrew. ( f )

939: Languages 2/24
I do not understand Hebrew. ( m )

940: Languages 3/24
I speak a little Hebrew. ( f )

941: Languages 4/24
I speak a little Hebrew. ( m )

942: Languages 5/24
Please speak slowly. ( to f )

943: Languages 6/24
Please speak slowly. ( to m )

944: Languages 7/24
We need a translator.

945: Languages 8/24
Do you speak English? ( to f )

946: Languages 9/24
Do you speak English? ( to m )

947: Languages 10/24
I speak English. ( f )

948: Languages 11/24
I speak English. ( m )

949: Languages 12/24
I know Yiddish. ( f )

950: Languages 13/24
I know Yiddish. ( m )

951: Languages 14/24
English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic?

952: Languages 15/24
I do not understand. ( f )

953: Languages 16/24
I do not understand. ( m )

954: Languages 17/24
I do not understand this word. ( f )

955: Languages 18/24
I do not understand this sentence. ( m )

956: Languages 19/24
Do you understand me? ( to f )

957: Languages 20/24
Do you understand me? ( to m )

958: Languages 21/24
How do you spell this word?

959: Languages 22/24
How do you say it in Hebrew?

960: Languages 23/24
Please say it again. ( to f )

961: Languages 24/24
Please say it again. ( to m )

962: Medical: Help / Emergencies 1/42
101 is the emergency phone number in Israel for Magen David Adom.

963: Medical: Help / Emergencies 2/42
I need help. ( f )

964: Medical: Help / Emergencies 3/42
I need help. ( m )

965: Medical: Help / Emergencies 4/42
I need a doctor ( f )

966: Medical: Help / Emergencies 5/42
I need a doctor. ( m )

967: Medical: Help / Emergencies 6/42
I do not feel well. ( m )

968: Medical: Help / Emergencies 7/42
I feel dizzy.

969: Medical: Help / Emergencies 8/42
Call an ambulance quickly.

970: Medical: Help / Emergencies 9/42
Please call my doctor.

971: Medical: Help / Emergencies 10/42
Are you allergic to anything? ( to m )

972: Medical: Help / Emergencies 11/42
Are you sensitive to medications? ( to f )

973: Medical: Help / Emergencies 12/42
I am allergic to penicillin.

974: Medical: Help / Emergencies 13/42
I am sensitive to aspirin.

975: Medical: Help / Emergencies 14/42
I have a heart condition.

976: Medical: Help / Emergencies 15/42
I have diabetes.

977: Medical: Help / Emergencies 16/42
I need my pills. ( f )

978: Medical: Help / Emergencies 17/42
I need my medicines. ( m )

979: Medical: Help / Emergencies 18/42
Where is the nearest emergency room?

980: Medical: Help / Emergencies 19/42
I need oxygen. ( m )

981: Medical: Help / Emergencies 20/42
It hurts.

982: Medical: Help / Emergencies 21/42
I think I broke or dislocated the foot.( m )

983: Medical: Help / Emergencies 22/42
I feel nauseous and need to vomit. ( f )

984: Medical: Help / Emergencies 23/42
I have high blood pressure.

985: Medical: Help / Emergencies 24/42
Where does it hurt?

986: Medical: Help / Emergencies 25/42
Breathe deeply.

987: Medical: Help / Emergencies 26/42
Cough, please. ( to m )

988: Medical: Help / Emergencies 27/42
We need to x-ray your leg. ( to f )

989: Medical: Help / Emergencies 28/42
I burned myself. What should I do?

990: Medical: Help / Emergencies 29/42
You do not drink enough. You are dehydrated.( to m )

991: Medical: Help / Emergencies 30/42
I have fever and diarrhea.

992: Medical: Help / Emergencies 31/42
I have a headache.

993: Medical: Help / Emergencies 32/42
My back hurts.

994: Medical: Help / Emergencies 33/42
I have asthma.

995: Medical: Help / Emergencies 34/42
Are you taking any other medications?

996: Medical: Help / Emergencies 35/42
You have the flu. ( to f )

997: Medical: Help / Emergencies 36/42
It's contagious.

998: Medical: Help / Emergencies 37/42
You have food poisoning. ( to f )

999: Medical: Help / Emergencies 38/42
You have an inflamation ( to f )

1000: Medical: Help / Emergencies 39/42
The wound is infected.

1001: Medical: Help / Emergencies 40/42
I am giving you antibiotics. ( to m )

1002: Medical: Help / Emergencies 41/42
You need a cast for 3 weeks. ( to m )

1003: Medical: Help / Emergencies 42/42
Medic, do you have a first aid kit?

1004: Medical: Pharmacy 1/25
Can you please fill this prescription?

1005: Medical: Pharmacy 2/25
You need a doctors prescription for this medicine.

1006: Medical: Pharmacy 3/25
You need to swallow a pill once a day for 10 days. ( to m )

1007: Medical: Pharmacy 4/25
Please give me your health fund magnetic card. ( to f )

1008: Medical: Pharmacy 5/25
What cough medicine do you recommend. ( to f )

1009: Medical: Pharmacy 6/25
The pharmacist wrote the instructions on the sticker. ( m )

1010: Medical: Pharmacy 7/25
The pharmacist gave me good advice. ( f )

1011: Medical: Pharmacy 8/25
I bought a new thermometer at the pharmacy.

1012: Medical: Pharmacy 9/25
Do not take this medication on an empty stomach.

1013: Medical: Pharmacy 10/25
Do these cough drops contain sugar?

1014: Medical: Pharmacy 11/25
What do you have for a headache?

1015: Medical: Pharmacy 12/25
Please give me medicine for diarrhea. ( to m )

1016: Medical: Pharmacy 13/25
Do you have the generic version of this drug?

1017: Medical: Pharmacy 14/25
Does this medicine have side effects?

1018: Medical: Pharmacy 15/25
Do not drive a car after taking this medicine.

1019: Medical: Pharmacy 16/25
You may feel drowsy.

1020: Medical: Pharmacy 17/25
Which pharmacy is open this week all night?

1021: Medical: Pharmacy 18/25
Don't exceed the recommended dosage.

1022: Medical: Pharmacy 19/25
What do you have to treat dry skin?

1023: Medical: Pharmacy 20/25
Do you sell distilled water?

1024: Medical: Pharmacy 21/25
Please give me a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

1025: Medical: Pharmacy 22/25
Which suntan lotion gives the best protection?

1026: Medical: Pharmacy 23/25
I need an elastic bandage. ( m )

1027: Medical: Pharmacy 24/25
How many capsules in a box?

1028: Medical: Pharmacy 25/25
Can I take these two medicines together?

1029: Riddles 1/20
What travels around the world but stays in a corner?

1030: Riddles 2/20
A stamp travels around the world but stays in a corner.

1031: Riddles 3/20
Why is the math book sad?

1032: Riddles 4/20
A math book is sad because it's full of problems.

1033: Riddles 5/20
When do you stop at green and go at red?

1034: Riddles 6/20
You stop at green and go at red, when you're eating a watermelon.

1035: Riddles 7/20
What did the stubborn stains say to the washing machine?

1036: Riddles 8/20
The stains said to the washing machine: We are on the tablecloth (map) and we will stay on the map. [word play, Israeli saying]

1037: Riddles 9/20
What did the shoe say to the shoelace?

1038: Riddles 10/20
The shoe said to the shoelace: We will be in contact (knots) [word play]

1039: Riddles 11/20
What goes up and down but doesn't move?

1040: Riddles 12/20
The temperature goes up and down but doesn't move.

1041: Riddles 13/20
What can fill a room but takes up no space?

1042: Riddles 14/20
Light fills a room but takes up no space.

1043: Riddles 15/20
What is the difference between an airplane and a car?

1044: Riddles 16/20
The difference between an airplane and a car is the difference between the sky and ground. [Hebrew saying]

1045: Riddles 17/20
What did zero say to eight?

1046: Riddles 18/20
Zero said to eight: Nice belt.

1047: Riddles 19/20
What is the only thing you can break when you say its name?

1048: Riddles 20/20
Silence is the only thing you can break when you say its name.

1049: Shopping for Clothes 1/24
Which clothing store do you recommend? ( to f )

1050: Shopping for Clothes 2/24
Which different colors do these short sleeve shirts come in?

1051: Shopping for Clothes 3/24
Do you have long sleeve white shirts?

1052: Shopping for Clothes 4/24
The suit fits you perfectly.

1053: Shopping for Clothes 5/24
Do you have a tie that matches my shirt?

1054: Shopping for Clothes 6/24
Are the pants comfortable?

1055: Shopping for Clothes 7/24
How much does it cost?

1056: Shopping for Clothes 8/24
There is a thirty percent discount now on all dresses and skirts.

1057: Shopping for Clothes 9/24
All summer clothes are now on the end of season sale.

1058: Shopping for Clothes 10/24
You look great in that dress. ( to f )

1059: Shopping for Clothes 11/24
Do you have that dress in my size?

1060: Shopping for Clothes 12/24
I need a blouse to mach my skirt. ( f )

1061: Shopping for Clothes 13/24
Where can I try it on?

1062: Shopping for Clothes 14/24
Do you have cotton socks?

1063: Shopping for Clothes 15/24
The black belt is good for all types of pants.

1064: Shopping for Clothes 16/24
Do you do alterations?

1065: Shopping for Clothes 17/24
Can you wear it without ironing?

1066: Shopping for Clothes 18/24
It is too small. I need a bigger size. ( m )

1067: Shopping for Clothes 19/24
Do you sell underwear?

1068: Shopping for Clothes 20/24
This fabric is very nice.

1069: Shopping for Clothes 21/24
The garment is perfect for you. ( to f )

1070: Shopping for Clothes 22/24
Where are the washing instructions?

1071: Shopping for Clothes 23/24
You should wash this garment by hand.

1072: Shopping for Clothes 24/24
Enjoy your new (somthing)!

1073: Shopping for Gifts 1/23
What is your budget? ( to f )

1074: Shopping for Gifts 2/23
We are looking for a wedding gift.

1075: Shopping for Gifts 3/23
I plan to buy him a silver kiddush cup for his bar-mitzvah. ( m )

1076: Shopping for Gifts 4/23
What is an appropriate bat-mitzvah gift?

1077: Shopping for Gifts 5/23
Please gift wrap the present. ( to m )

1078: Shopping for Gifts 6/23
Do you have greeting cards?

1079: Shopping for Gifts 7/23
Can I have an exchange slip?

1080: Shopping for Gifts 8/23
For how long can the gift be exchanged?

1081: Shopping for Gifts 9/23
My sister visited Israel and she bought me a gold Hebrew name necklace.

1082: Shopping for Gifts 10/23
I have a metal container of 'air from Israel' which I received as a gift over fourty years ago.

1083: Shopping for Gifts 11/23
Those colorful bottles of sand are a beautiful gift.

1084: Shopping for Gifts 12/23
For my bar-mizvah my parents bought me the Encyclopedia Judaica.

1085: Shopping for Gifts 13/23
The young couple got four sets of silverware as wedding presents.

1086: Shopping for Gifts 14/23
If you do not have any idea for a suitable gift, a check will always be welcome.

1087: Shopping for Gifts 15/23
They gave me a Mezuzah case as a housewarming gift.

1088: Shopping for Gifts 16/23
Books are good gifts for the Jewish home.

1089: Shopping for Gifts 17/23
Thank you very much for the beautiful gift.

1090: Shopping for Gifts 18/23
We need to send thank you letters for all the gifts that we got.

1091: Shopping for Gifts 19/23
Do you have gift certificates?

1092: Shopping for Gifts 20/23
Can I leave with you a wedding gift list?

1093: Shopping for Gifts 21/23
The online gift store makes shopping easy.

1094: Shopping for Gifts 22/23
I recommend that you buy your holiday gifts early to avoid the crowds and long lines. (f)

1095: Shopping for Gifts 23/23
A gift given from the heart warms the heart.

1096: Sports 1/45
We are the champions.

1097: Sports 2/45
The trophy is ours.

1098: Sports 3/45
What a goal!

1099: Sports 4/45
We have the best defence in the league.

1100: Sports 5/45
The three point basket determined the game.

1101: Sports 6/45
He was voted the most valuable player of the game.

1102: Sports 7/45
I love watching American football.

1103: Sports 8/45
Over 100 million Americans watched the Superbowl game.

1104: Sports 9/45
It was a close game.

1105: Sports 10/45
They beat us badly.

1106: Sports 11/45
We need one more basket to win.

1107: Sports 12/45
He is a great goalie.

1108: Sports 13/45
She is a great athlete.

1109: Sports 14/45
Our team made it into the finals.

1110: Sports 15/45
Time out.

1111: Sports 16/45
He played a great game.

1112: Sports 17/45
I like bowling.

1113: Sports 18/45
Soccer is very popular in Israel.

1114: Sports 19/45
She won the gold medal in the Olympics.

1115: Sports 20/45
Twenty seconds left to the first half.

1116: Sports 21/45
The referee called a penalty kick.

1117: Sports 22/45
The streets were empty tonight because everyone was home watching the big game.

1118: Sports 23/45
Do you play tennis? ( to f )

1119: Sports 24/45
I used to ride my bicycle every day.

1120: Sports 25/45
In high school we did gymnastics twice a week.

1121: Sports 26/45
Each team plays 162 regular season games in a baseball season.

1122: Sports 27/45
We played volleyball at the beach.

1123: Sports 28/45
The coach sent in a substitute player.

1124: Sports 29/45
They ran neck to neck till the finish end.

1125: Sports 30/45
She really knows how to ice skate.

1126: Sports 31/45
She set a world's record for the 100 meter swim.

1127: Sports 32/45
The offense was very aggressive and scored two goals within 10 minutes.

1128: Sports 33/45
The score was tied with rwo minutes left to the game.

1129: Sports 34/45
My friends go skiing in the winter.

1130: Sports 35/45
You must wear a helmet if you go sky diving.

1131: Sports 36/45
You need to pass a test before going deep sea diving.

1132: Sports 37/45
The basketball game is divided in four quarters of ten minutes each.

1133: Sports 38/45
The players are practicing on the court.

1134: Sports 39/45
We are waiting for the results from the judges.

1135: Sports 40/45
They have the home court advantage.

1136: Sports 41/45
The stadium was full and the fans were waving flags of the team colors.

1137: Sports 42/45
He is a team player.

1138: Sports 43/45
The fans were whistling and singing to their favorite player.

1139: Sports 44/45
In high school I was the manager of the soccer team and Shlomo was the captain.

1140: Sports 45/45
Hockey playsers need to wear a lot of protective equipment because it is a very rough sport.

1141: Tongue Twisters 1/22
Gad fishes tickling fish on the riverbank.

1142: Tongue Twisters 2/22
a chain of six broken teeth

1143: Tongue Twisters 3/22
Her night was his night, his night was not for her.

1144: Tongue Twisters 4/22
Who stopped him from mumbling words?

1145: Tongue Twisters 5/22
Sarah sings a happy song, a happy song sings Sarah.

1146: Tongue Twisters 6/22
Sasha placed a tanned loquat over there.

1147: Tongue Twisters 7/22
A witty elephant attacked a pepper.

1148: Tongue Twisters 8/22
A gardner grew grain in the garden, big grain grew in the garden.

1149: Tongue Twisters 9/22
A snake bit a snake that bit a snake.

1150: Tongue Twisters 10/22
A person stood on the red soil of Mars and shed a tear.

1151: Tongue Twisters 11/22
I saw a nose on a mouth, a mouth on a nose I did not see.

1152: Tongue Twisters 12/22
Shula takes snails out of the puddle; every snail that Shula takes out is hers.

1153: Tongue Twisters 13/22
Two foxes asked Shaul a question connected to the safety of Shlomo.

1154: Tongue Twisters 14/22
Who hung a pita (bread) here? You do not hang pita!

1155: Tongue Twisters 15/22
a bottle without a cap

1156: Tongue Twisters 16/22
We are not males in a hurry, we are females in a hurry.

1157: Tongue Twisters 17/22
Father did not arrive on the first of Av, father arrived on the 2nd of Av.

1158: Tongue Twisters 18/22
Experienced midgets are doing miracles in China.

1159: Tongue Twisters 19/22
Sarah puts garlic in the sushi.

1160: Tongue Twisters 20/22
Sheep washed the laundry.

1161: Tongue Twisters 21/22
A barber gave a haircut to a writer who told a story about a barber wo gave a haircut to a writer...

1162: Tongue Twisters 22/22
A lofty woman put on her shoes, she locked the door in front of her husband.

1163: Weather 1/31
Next week is expected sunny and warm weather.

1164: Weather 2/31
Take an umbrela because it is going to rain.

1165: Weather 3/31
The mountain top is covered with snow.

1166: Weather 4/31
It snowed so much that my car got buried.

1167: Weather 5/31
In the early morning a thick fog covered the city.

1168: Weather 6/31
I ran in the rain and I got soaked.

1169: Weather 7/31
This last summer was very hot.

1170: Weather 8/31
This year's past winter was especially cold.

1171: Weather 9/31
Today will be partly cloudy with a chance of rain.

1172: Weather 10/31
It is pleasant visiting the air conditioned mall during the hot days.

1173: Weather 11/31
Make sure to drink plenty of water when you go outside during a heat wave.

1174: Weather 12/31
I love the snow. ( m )

1175: Weather 13/31
Let's build a snowman.

1176: Weather 14/31
The city looks so beautiful covered with the white snow.

1177: Weather 15/31
It rained so hard that the sewers system collapsed and the water flooded the streets.

1178: Weather 16/31
The drought caused prices of fruit and vegetables to go up by twenty percent.

1179: Weather 17/31
It was such a nice day that we decided to take a trip to the beach.

1180: Weather 18/31
The tornado destroyed two buildings.

1181: Weather 19/31
It is very cold outside! It is worthwhile to wear a heavy coat and gloves.

1182: Weather 20/31
The wheat fields need rain.

1183: Weather 21/31
It was so cold that the lake turned to ice.

1184: Weather 22/31
A strong wind blew my hat off.

1185: Weather 23/31
Do not forget to put on suntan lotion before you get to the beach.

1186: Weather 24/31
When they say 'local rain', is my street included in the 'local' area?

1187: Weather 25/31
Does everyone understand the weather people when they start talking about low and high pressure systems?

1188: Weather 26/31
My flight was canceled due to the snow storm.

1189: Weather 27/31
Close the windows, a dust storm is getting close.

1190: Weather 28/31
After the rain stopped there appeared a rainbow in the sky.

1191: Weather 29/31
It was dark outside because dark rain clouds covered the sky.

1192: Weather 30/31
It is worthwhile to take in the clothes hanging outside before it starts to rain.

1193: Weather 31/31
Did you have time to hear the weather forcast for tomorrow? ( to f )

1194: Which Color? 1/22
The colors of the Israeli flag are blue and white.

1195: Which Color? 2/22
The sofa in my living room is brown.

1196: Which Color? 3/22
The old man has gray hair.

1197: Which Color? 4/22
The frog is green.

1198: Which Color? 5/22
The color of the orange is orange.

1199: Which Color? 6/22
My tongue is pink.

1200: Which Color? 7/22
The plum is purple.

1201: Which Color? 8/22
The strawberries and cherries are red.

1202: Which Color? 9/22
Milk and snow are white.

1203: Which Color? 10/22
Ripe bananas are yellow.

1204: Which Color? 11/22
After the rain, flowers in the garden bloomed in all colors of the rainbow.

1205: Which Color? 12/22
On a clear day the sky is light blue.

1206: Which Color? 13/22
What is your favorite color? ( to f )

1207: Which Color? 14/22
What is your favorite color? ( to m )

1208: Which Color? 15/22
My favorite color is blue.

1209: Which Color? 16/22
When traffic light turns red you must stop.

1210: Which Color? 17/22
When traffic light turns green you may go.

1211: Which Color? 18/22
A zebra has black and white stripes.

1212: Which Color? 19/22
On the police patrol car there are flashing blue lights.

1213: Which Color? 20/22
There is a red Magen David painted on the ambulance.

1214: Which Color? 21/22
The color of the soldiers' uniforms is khaki.

1215: Which Color? 22/22
Their new car is silver colored.

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