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Below is a message from Jacob Richman, the original creator of this site:

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio!

It has been my goal to create a site that would help you learn
Hebrew phrases and sentences easily.
There are 43 topics with 1,215 Hebrew phrases and sentences.
The site also includes 157 printable study sheets.

The audio files on the site were recorded in a sound studio.
When viewing a specfic phrase, an audio player will be displayed under it.
To hear the audio click on the play button.

If you do not see an audio player under each phrase
check if your current browser supports HTML 5.
All new browser versions support HTML 5 including desktop computers,
tablets and smart phones (tested on Android and iOS).

If you enjoy the site, please tell your friends about it.
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please consider sharing this site on them.
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Jacob Richman

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Enjoy your visit and have a great day,

Jacob Richman

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